Nov 30: Jackpot at $70 Million; Rolling to $81 Million
The Saturday, November 30th jackpot was at its guaranteed $70 million and will be rolling to $81 Million for the next draw. The winning numbers: White Balls: 05 26 44 45 57, Powerball: 29. There were no tickets that won the $1 Million Match 5 prize. There were no tickets that added the Power Play to win $2 million.

Lincoln Man Wins $1 Million Playing Powerball

Jerry Wells of Lincoln recently won $1 million playing Nebraska Powerball.

Wells purchased his winning Powerball ticket at Roc's Stop & Shop, 2100 South 56th Street in Lincoln. The two-play ticket contained one play with all five winning white ball numbers (4, 18, 23, 32, 45) for a corresponding prize of $1 million.

While claiming his prize on November 26, Wells told Nebraska Lottery officials that he selects his Powerball numbers using a combination of birthdays, ages, and the jersey numbers of favorite athletes. He learned he had won after checking the Nebraska Lottery website, "When I saw the numbers come up the first thought that went through my mind was, 'Those numbers look familiar,'" said Wells. "I was disappointed for a second because I didn't match the Powerball number for the jackpot, but then I realized I'd won a million dollars." He plans to pay bills and invest for the future using his winnings. "I've often dreamed of winning and what I'd do if I did win," said Wells. "I am truly blessed and very thankful."

Also receiving a prize was the store that sold the winning ticket. Nebraska Lottery retailers receive a High Prize Seller Bonus for selling winning high-tier Scratch and Lotto tickets. This bonus is 1% of the prize won, so Roc's Stop & Shop received $10,000.

Nov 27: Jackpot at $60 Million; Rolling to $70 Million
The Wednesday, November 27th jackpot was at its guaranteed $60 million and will be rolling to $70 Million for the next draw. The winning numbers: White Balls: 18 25 50 55 57, Powerball: 17. There were no tickets that won the $1 Million Match 5 prize. There was one ticket that added the Power Play to win $2 million. It was from the State of CO. There were 452,615 tickets that won nearly $4.9 million in cash prizes

Nov 23: Jackpot at $50 Million; Rolling to $60 Million
The Saturday, November 23rd jackpot was at its guaranteed $50 million and will be rolling to $60 Million for the next draw. The winning numbers: White Balls: 05 12 43 52 55, Powerball: 10. There was one ticket that won the $1 Million Match 5 prize. It was from the State of IL. There were no tickets that added the Power Play to win $2 million. There were 462,579 tickets that won over $4.1 million in cash prizes.

Nov 20: Jackpot at $40 Million; Rolling to $50 Million; 4 more millionaires; for a total of 938!
The Wednesday, November 20th jackpot was at its guaranteed $40 million and will be rolling to $50 Million for the next draw. The winning numbers: White Balls: 04 18 23 32 45, Powerball: 07. There were three tickets that won the $1 Million Match 5 prize, except in California where prizes are required to be pari-mutuel and may pay more or less than $1 million. They were from CA, NE, and OH. There was one ticket that added the Power Play to win $2 million. It was from the State of FL. There were 452,105 tickets that won over $8.3 million in cash prizes

Nov 16: Jackpot reaches $130.3 Million; Winner in New York!
The Saturday, November 16th jackpot reached an estimated $130.3 million there was one grand prize winning ticket sold in the State of New York. The jackpot will reset to its guaranteed $40 Million for the next draw. The winning numbers: White Balls: 10 29 37 44 59, Powerball: 10. There were five tickets that won the $1 Million Match 5 prize. They were from FL, IA, MD, NJ, and PA. There were no tickets that added the Power Play to win $2 million. There were 634,217 tickets that won over $9.1 million in cash prizes.

First Powerball Jackpot Winner in California Claims $213 Million Prize
Carlo "Carl" Mitchell is a calm man – a VERY calm man. So calm, in fact, that even after he found out someone won the Powerball jackpot from where he buys his tickets, he stayed calm. And even after he saw three of his Powerball numbers flash on the television screen during the news, he stayed calm.

They say opposites attract, and in the case of Mitchell and his wife of 27 years, this may very well be true, because Mrs. Mitchell IS NOT calm. As soon as Mitchell and his wife got home from running errands, he went in the house to check the numbers while she stayed in the front yard to receive a delivery of some furniture. When Mr. Mitchell came back out to tell her they had won, it was a good thing they had a sofa on the front lawn. Why you ask? "Because I fainted, I blacked out right there on the new couch," Mrs. Mitchell explained with a $213 million grin on her face! "I just couldn't believe it!"

The Mitchells plan to donate to their church, help their family and possibly buy a vacation home on the coast.

Mitchell's winning numbers: 3-23-31-34-47 and Powerball number 13, were not a Quick Pick® -- they are one of three sets of numbers he plays each week for each of the Lottery's big jackpot games – SuperLotto Plus®, Mega Millions® and Powerball. "These numbers are random, common, lucky numbers I play all the time," he explained. Lucky they are! And speaking of lucky, Mitchell has continued purchasing Lottery tickets, calmly asking, "Has anyone ever won a jackpot twice?" We wonder if he would be this calm the second time around?

This is the first winning ticket that has been sold in California since the state began participating in Powerball on April 8, 2013, and the first time a retailer has earned a $1 million bonus for selling a winning Powerball ticket in the Golden State! Fast N Easy, which is located at 6451 E. Shields Avenue in Fresno, will be receiving – as we mentioned – a $1 million bonus for selling the winning ticket.

Homer Woman Wins $1 Million Playing Powerball

Patricia Krontz of Homer recently won $1 million playing Nebraska Powerball.

Krontz is a regular Powerball player who purchases tickets every week. For the Saturday, October 26 drawing, she purchased a quick pick Powerball ticket at J & J's Pronto, 108 North Highway 77 in Homer.

Krontz wasted no time claiming her prize, arriving at Nebraska Lottery headquarters on Monday afternoon following the drawing. She told Nebraska Lottery officials that she learned she had won after a friend informed her that a winning ticket had been sold in Homer. "When I heard that, I thought, 'I should go check my tickets,'" said Krontz. "So I went back to the store and checked them. I couldn't believe that I'd won." She plans to pay bills using her winnings.

Co-Workers Split $1 Million Powerball Prize
Two co-workers have become instant millionaires, thanks to some dedication and a time-honored tradition. Dawn Cortes of Edwardsville, Ill., 48, and Jerry Marcrum, of Arnold, 60, have been pooling their money together and playing Missouri Lottery games for as long as they've both worked at ROI Print Solutions in Earth City. Cortes admitted that they "play Scratchers mostly," but something told her to purchase a Powerball ticket for the drawing on Oct. 19. The duo's Quick Pick ticket contained all five white-ball numbers drawn, earning the pair a $1 million second-tier prize.

"On a whim, I saw that the jackpot was $186 million," Cortes recalled, adding that she "just got this feeling" like she should switch gears and buy a ticket.

"I never, ever play Powerball, unless it's in a group with my work," she continued, noting that she and Marcrum "very rarely" play Powerball otherwise.

Luckily, Cortes followed her instinct and bought a ticket at Earth City MotoMart, 3298 Ridertrail South, in Earth City.

The purchase slipped Cortes' mind, as she vacationed with her husband, Sergio. It was while in Branson that she received a life-changing phone call from Marcrum.

"He calls me, and I'm like, 'Why is he bothering me while I'm on vacation?'" she teased. "He's like, 'Are you having a good time on your vacation, because it's about to get a lot better!'"

After sharing the news that they'd won $1 million on the ticket they almost didn't buy, Cortes said she and Sergio finished their vacation feeling "a lot lighter."

When Cortes returned home, she and Marcrum made the trek to the Lottery's St. Louis office to claim the prize.

For Cortes, the windfall means that she can help her family, specifically her 21-year-old daughter who is about to graduate from college and begin to pay back student loans.

"The pressure of the economy is no longer an issue," she said. "I just feel really blessed."

Marcrum, a father of three grown children and grandfather of three grandchildren, intends to use his half of the windfall to also help out his family with expenses.

Although Marcrum won't use the prize money to retire, he said the prize will "make it a lot easier."

"I'll have most of my bills paid off," he added.

Marcrum reminisced how Cortes often expressed her belief that they'd "hit the Lottery one of these days."

"It's unbelievable. It's wild," Marcrum concluded.

Winner stamps $1M Powerball prize in Georgetown
A Georgia Lottery winner has won a cool $1 million prize playing Powerball in Georgetown. Frank Stokes Jr., 46, matched the first five numbers from the Oct. 9 drawing, winning a $1 million prize.

Georgia Lottery representatives presented Stokes of Eufaula, Ala., with an oversized check Wednesday at Yogi Food Mart, 763 U.S. Highway 82 in Georgetown, the store where the winning ticket was sold.

While sitting in his car, Stokes checked the Georgia Lottery's mobile website for the results of the Powerball drawing.

"I was so excited, I had to check," he said. "I got online and saw I'd won $1 million."

A transportation manager, Stokes has two children, one in junior high and another in elementary school.

With his winnings, he intends to save for their college, and Stokes anticipates purchasing a new car for himself.

"I don't plan to do anything earth shattering. I want to invest and save the rest," he shared.

Waterbury Neighbors Split $40,000 Powerball with Power Play Prize
As neighbors and very close friends, Betty Guerrera and Christa Gillespie of Waterbury spend a lot of time together; going for walks, attending holiday parties, and shopping. So, when Betty suggested to Christa that they should get a Powerball ticket for the September 28th drawing and split the cost, Christa easily agreed. Days later, the two "best buddies" would partake in yet another activity together—the joy of cashing in a $40,000 prize winning Powerball ticket.

"I saw we got the Powerball number in the morning newspaper, and then that our first four numbers were a match," Betty told Lottery officials. "I woke up my husband to have him verify the numbers on our ticket. I thought we won $10,000, but then I remembered I added the Power Play multiplier to the ticket. That's when I started jumping up and down and screaming. I realized we won $40,000."

The winning Powerball numbers on September 28 were 14 - 47 - 52 - 53 - 54. Betty and Christa's "Quick Pick" ticket matched four of the five numbers drawn, plus the Powerball number, 5. Because their ticket was Power Played, their $10,000 prize was automatically quadrupled to $40,000.

Betty and Christa came to CT Lottery headquarters in Rocky Hill so that each could claim their half of the $40,000 prize. "This will help to pay some vet bills. I'll also give a little to my kids, and put some money towards a kitchen remodeling project," Betty said. Christa planned to share some of the prize with her family, and to visit a nice jewelry store on her upcoming cruise to St. Thomas.

Betty and Christa's prize winning Powerball ticket was purchased at Town Plot IGA Supermarket, located at 286 Fairfield Avenue in Waterbury.

Worcester, Mass man claims $1 million Powerball prize
Shawn R. Seymour of Worcester today claimed a $1 million prize for matching the first five numbers drawn in the October 16th Powerball drawing.

Seymour received the prize in a one-time, lump sum payment (less taxes). He and 16 of his co-workers plan to share the prize.

Seymour and his coworkers played their Powerball quik pic ticket at Stop & Shop #019 located at 290 Turnpike Road in Westboro. The store received a $10,000 commission on the sale.

Winner Spells $1,000,000 Powerball Prize!
How do you spell a $1,000,000 Powerball winner? S-p-e-l-l-s. As in Jeremy Spells of Twin Falls, who helped continue to the month long celebration of Idaho's oldest game when he claimed the $1,000,000 Powerball prize from the Wednesday, October 9, 2013 draw on a ticket he purchased at the Gowen Road Chevron in east Boise.

"I work in both Twin Falls and Boise, so occasionally if I have a couple of extra bucks, I'll pick up a Powerball ticket," explained Jeremy. "I checked the ticket at a retailer and they told me to bring it to Boise. I still didn't believe it, so I called the winning numbers hotline about 50 times just to make sure."

Spells then told his wife the good news after she returned home late after Bible Study on Thursday night. Being late at night, and tired from a long day, she didn't believe it either.

"We're still in disbelief," exclaimed Spells, even after receiving the actual check.

The couple plan to pay off their house, their car, and invest the remaining amount.

For their part in selling the winning ticket, Gowen Road Chevron receives a bonus from the Idaho Lottery for $20,000.

The $1 million PowerBall ticket from the October 5 drawing was claimed by Dashiel Florez of Providence, Rhode Island this morning. He was accompanied by his teary-eyed mother and plans to buy a house for her. He was nervous and excited at the same time and said it didn't seem real.

Mr. Florez purchased the winning ticket on a whim at Colbea Enterprises, 457 Benefit St., Providence on the day of the draw at 9:45pm, just five minutes before the sales cut off time of 9:50pm. He played a combination of numbers from his nephews' birthdays. The ticket matched all five numbers, but not the PowerBall® number. Also, if he had opted for the PowerPlay® feature for an extra dollar, the prize would have increased to $2 million.

Going Bananas! Boise Couple Claims $1,000,000 Powerball Prize
Most people get very excited when they win $1 million on Powerball. One Boise, ID couple though, nearly literally, went bananas when they won a million dollars.

Eugene and Hilly Penton of Boise only check their Powerball tickets once a month. In the meantime they keep all of their Powerball tickets on the kitchen counter underneath a fresh bunch of bananas. Even with the news that there was a million dollar winning ticket sold in Boise for the September 14, 2013 draw, the Penton's kept to their regular routine. Last Friday night, they finally took their tickets in to check them at the Jacksons on Bogus Basin Road where the tickets were purchased.

"We didn't know we had a big winner until we got our tickets checked at the store," explained Eugene. "The clerk looked up the winning numbers from that draw and told us we'd won a million dollars. I'm a 'see-it-to-believe-it' guy. I didn't believe him. So I looked up the numbers myself. Then I told Hilly. She didn't believe me until she looked up the numbers for herself. Now that we have the check, I believe it."

The couple who have been married 47 years, plan to pay bills, invest for their retirement, and take their family on a big vacation, perhaps to Hawaii.

"There really isn't anything that matters more than family," added Hilly. "And now we'll get to spend more time with them."
POWERBALL Passes 500th Millionaire for Match 5 Prize
We tried to keep it a secret, but the word is getting out. The changes made to Powerball were not just to make the jackpot bigger. Last Wednesday, February 27, Powerball created its 500th Match 5 millionaire in the New Powerball game. In its first 13 months, New Powerball paid out 425 prizes of $1 million in cash and another 77 prizes of $2 million in cash (due to those winner selecting the Power Play option).

The "More, Bigger, Better" enhancements to the game are doing the job. Along with generating more millionaires, the Powerball enhancements have also resulted in an increased number of winners. With the increased sales and the improved overall odds, players are winning more money, more often. Because sales have jumped up for the popular game, more money is also being earned for state programs supported by the lottery.

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